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Software & Tech Salesforce Solutions

From startups to the Fortune 500, Aptaria has helped numerous technology companies integrate and customize Salesforce CRM.

Who we have helped:

KZO Innovations

Integrated KZO’s video technology with Salesforce to create a powerful tool for cultivating leads.

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Built 2 apps – 1 for vendors, 1 for resellers – that seamlessly integrate Vartopia's deal registration platform into

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Re-imagined a Salesforce app to provide a best-of-breed tool that has helped WealthEngine land some of its most valuable clients.

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A top audio/video hardware maker implemented a custom Salesforce CRM solution that removed numerous hurdles in the sales process.

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To manage healthcare institution compliance, we developed a complete solution including a disconnected mobile app, for regular safety surveys, and metrics reporting.

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Building a AppExchange App for InfoFree to allow its customers to seamlessly query and download leads into their Sales Cloud.

Veris Group

Deployed the Salesforce Sales Cloud to help this leading Cybersecurity consulting firm achieve visibility into their sales pipeline and automate delivery operations.

Stonebridge Consulting

We created a CRM solution for Stonebridge on the Sales Cloud and delivered an automated quoting capability to streamline their sales process.

Tangible Software

Aptaria helped Tangible leverage Salesforce's Sales Cloud to achieve visibility into its sales pipeline and to produce reliable forecasts.


Developed a next generation of Java-based B2B integration infrastructure to streamline Nextel's critical cell phone fulfillment processes.

Active Risk

Aptaria implemented the Sales Cloud and integrated HubSpot for marketing automation, greatly expanding leads and providing a full view of the sales pipeline.


Delivered a custom version of Aptaria's AppExchange RapidCase product allowing Sumitomo to quickly create unique Accounts, Contacts and Cases with one entry.


Established Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and enabled management visibility into the Sales Pipeline across 3 business units.

Amber Road

Streamlined lead conversion process ensuring accurate marketing ROI calculations. Consolidated 2 complex organizations (Sales & Service Clouds), enabling cross-department synergies and data visibility.

August Schell

Aptaria implemented the Sales Cloud and integrated HubSpot for marketing automation, greatly expanding leads and providing a full view of the sales pipeline.


Established Sales Cloud at DBR360 and tailored a CPQ solution to their unique needs. Implemented complex Configuration & Quoting business rules.

Elastic Digital

Assisted Australia-based company in building their app and getting it on the Salesforce AppExchange.


"Aptaria corrected our bad code, made the app more functional and useful and helped us get to the next release of our portal."
Mishka McCowan, VP Technology, WealthEngine
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