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What’s It Like to Work with a Salesforce Partner?

posted on June 22nd, 2017by Andrew Lawlor

Maybe you’re already looking for a Salesforce Partner. Or maybe you’re at an earlier stage: comparing CRM systems and considering whether Salesforce can meet your CRM needs.

You probably have a lot of questions. At Aptaria, we’re happy to answer them.

If you’ve never worked with a Salesforce Partner, you may be wondering what it’s like to work with one.

Our primer explains what you can expect.

The specifics vary from project to project, but we follow the same 3 general steps with all of our clients:

  1. Get to know your business or organization.
  2. Configure Salesforce to achieve your goals and solve your problems.
  3. Finalize the system with your approval, then train your staff to use it.

After the Salesforce implementation launches, we’re available to provide additional support and instruction. Many of our clients take a phased approach to their Salesforce systems and hire us for further development projects over time.

For more detail, read our full page on what to expect when you work with a Salesforce Partner.

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Andrew Lawlor is a leading authority and published author on cloud computing and CRM technology. He specializes in helping companies and government agencies fully integrate Salesforce and other cloud-based applications with enterprise software. Since founding Aptaria in 2002, Andrew has led integration and implementation projects for major clients including Citibank, Danone, Colliers International, American Red Cross, and ExxonMobil. Prior to Aptaria, he held IT management positions at Verizon and webMethods. Andrew holds an Electrical Engineering degree with honors from the University of Maryland at College Park and he studied computer science and electrical engineering at Columbia University's Graduate School. He is a Salesforce.com Certified Developer. Andrew lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife, daughter, and son. When not working he enjoys playing and watching basketball and playing poker.