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7 New Salesforce Partner Projects for Aptaria in Q2

posted on July 1st, 2018by Andrew Lawlor

Last quarter we welcomed several first-time clients and significantly expanded our relationship with a previous customer. As a Salesforce partner, we enjoy the challenge of tailoring CRM systems for a variety of contexts. This recent batch of projects gave us the chance to save time, increase efficiency, and ensure better data insights for a range of clients.

Aptaria is helping Democracy Fund adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud to securely manage all external accounts, contacts, and interactions.

Our team is adding capabilities like marketing automation, events management, and elected officials tracking to Democracy Fund’s Salesforce system. Later this year we will integrate their Salesforce system with the FLUXX grants management solution.

We are building a complete association management system (AMS) on the Salesforce platform to replace MHPA‘s legacy system. The new system will allow MHPA to be more agile in its marketing, sales, operations, events, and reporting functions in order to support its growth.

Aptaria replaced Lee, Sipe, and Associates‘ prior Salesforce system with a more agile implementation. We enabled Salesforce Lightning to create a better user experience and eliminated troublesome person-accounts.

Vricon sells 3D geospatial imaging data to governments and corporations worldwide. We are working with Vricon to launch their own instance of Salesforce, separate from their parent company, SAAB of Sweden.

The independent Salesforce system will launch this month with a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution, including SKU bundles and asset tracking. A Partner Community, allowing partners to co-sell with Vricon, will go live later this quarter.

Recent Opportunities with Precision for Medicine

3 of our recent clients are divisions of Precision for Medicine, which continues to work with us on an ongoing basis. As Maura Wilson, Precision for Medicine’s Director of Business Development Operations and Proposals says, “Aptaria’s consistent support has been really helpful as we grow and change.” In 2016, our team enabled Precision for Medicine to cut data entry time by half with an automated Salesforce system.

We’re honored that Precision was so satisfied with the quality of our previous work that they’ve continued to trust us with crucial Salesforce projects.

The 3 Precision for Medicine divisions that we’re working with are:

In all 3 cases, the companies hired us to consolidate their independent Salesforce set-ups with Precision for Medicine’s master system. Our team not only preserved but also enhanced the client’s existing processes and data as we brought them into a single Salesforce instance with shared reports. We will complete these consolidations this month.

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Andrew Lawlor is a leading authority and published author on cloud computing and CRM technology. He specializes in helping companies and government agencies fully integrate Salesforce and other cloud-based applications with enterprise software. Since founding Aptaria in 2002, Andrew has led integration and implementation projects for major clients including Citibank, Danone, Colliers International, American Red Cross, and ExxonMobil. Prior to Aptaria, he held IT management positions at Verizon and webMethods. Andrew holds an Electrical Engineering degree with honors from the University of Maryland at College Park and he studied computer science and electrical engineering at Columbia University's Graduate School. He is a Salesforce.com Certified Developer. Andrew lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife, daughter, and son. When not working he enjoys playing and watching basketball and playing poker.