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Choosing a CRM: Why Salesforce?

Wondering which CRM is best for you? Salesforce’s flexible platform includes options for improving your marketing, sales, and customer service.

We admit it: as a team of Salesforce-certified experts, we’re a little biased in our recommendation. However, that’s not a whim on our part. Salesforce is the #1 best-selling CRM for good reason.

What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?

Industry-leading technology

Salesforce pioneered the Cloud-based system that lets customers begin storing information immediately after purchase. No servers to hook up. No software to install. No irreplaceable data files to lose.

Offerings that fit a variety of applications

What kind of customer relationships do you have to manage? Salesforce’s products can help with each of the following:

  • Marketing – Get more leads and prioritize them effectively. Collect and organize detailed intelligence about potential customers and their online behavior.
  • Sales – Predict your sales pipeline more accurately. Save time generating quotes, supervising sales territories, and overseeing accounts. Automatically calculate prices and deal probabilities.
  • Service – Keep your customers loyal. Maintain fast, friendly helpdesk and phone support. Lead users with questions to the online answers they’re looking for.

Wide selection of inexpensive add-ons

The AppExchange lists 2,700+ business apps that easily integrate with Salesforce. You can incorporate just about any functionality imaginable into your CRM without spending much money.

Research-fueled, user-friendly design

Salesforce tests the usability of its products on a weekly basis. The company’s research team is continually making CRM tools more accessible and intuitive for customers.

Smooth transitions for staff

Get your employees up and running without extensive training or long-term adjustment. Salesforce built its CRM platform to accommodate the steep learning curves of fast-paced companies. Plus, many salespeople have prior experience with the popular system.

How do you get started with Salesforce?

You can get a free 30-day trial of Salesforce and experience some of its benefits for yourself. To unlock its full potential, you’ll need a Salesforce Partner that can customize the CRM’s features.

The set-up process depends on the Salesforce Partner you choose. At Aptaria, our process typically works as follows.

  1. Stakeholder meeting – We’ll get together with your team to understand your practices, goals, and strategy. After this business process review, we’ll have a clear picture of where you are and where you’d like to be with your new CRM.
  2. Data conversion – You might need to carry over data from your previous system. If so, we’ll extract that information, clean it up, and migrate it to Salesforce. That way, you can sort the data and run reports over a longer period of time.
  3. Development – We’ll implement Salesforce CRM, setting up all the features covered in the business process review. Throughout the process, we’ll provide frequent updates to ensure that we’re creating a system suited to your requirements.
  4. Launch – Say goodbye to your frustrating old software or spreadsheet system! It’s time for a fluid, tailored CRM that will make your job easier.

Interested in Salesforce CRM? We’ll explain how Salesforce can grow your business or organization.

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By the Numbers

  • 150,000+
    Salesforce CRM customers worldwide
  • 3 million
    downloads from the AppExchange
  • 5 years
    on Forbes’s list of most innovative companies

"We had reseller customers who were using our platform and they wanted to be able to connect their CRM. Aptaria allowed us to do that."
Mike Reilly, Vartopia CEO and co-founder
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