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Implementing GoodData's Cloud BI for Nutricia

Aptaria helped Nutricia's sales team become data-driven by implementing and customizing GoodData, a cloud-based business intelligence solution.

Problem: Sales Team Not Using Salesforce Reporting

Over the last few years, Dannon subsidiary Nutricia has seen rapid growth in sales of specialized nutritional products for babies and children. With the help of Aptaria, Nutriciahas leveraged Salesforce CRM throughout its organization. Its sales team, in particular, has embraced and custom applications to manage leads, customers, and inventory.

Yet while Salesforce collects plenty of data and offers numerous reports, Nutricia's sales reps weren't using them. The reports were too inflexible to answer the types of specific questions reps and managers were asking:

  • For which customers have sales dropped off since last quarter or this time last year?
  • For which products have sales increased / decreased the most in the past quarter or year?

Field sales reps received only 2 reports and only on a monthly basis, with a 10-day delay in the numbers.

Action: Implement Cloud BI with GoodData

Aptaria introduced and recommended GoodData to Nutricia as a reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution. The "Salesforce of the BI world," GoodData is cloud-based, simple to use, fast to scale, and free of IT and hardware.

Aptaria led all aspects of Nutricia's implementation of GoodData, including:

  • Loaded the data
  • Integrated GoodData seamlessly with Salesforce
  • Built 185 custom reports for the sales team
  • Created over 40 metrics to extract intelligence from Nutricia data

Result: Data-Driven, Highly-Motivated Sales Reps

Within weeks of implementing GoodData, Nutricia's sales team was embracing reports.

Within months, it had become a truly data-driven organization. "It has completely changed the way we use numbers," says Mike Miller, Nutricia's Manager of Sales Force Effectiveness. Sales reps now:

  • Receive real-time reports on a daily basis
  • Have reports that are "fun and easy to use" – no intimidation factor
  • Tweak reports easily against their business plans when their numbers change
  • Create new reports to answer "what and how" questions

According to Miller, these reports "allow Nutricia to take action early ... before it's too late to affect that quarter's numbers." Sales reps can now easily see their performance at the territory level and how it stacks up against other reps. The result: a much stronger sense of ownership and a more motivated, results-driven sales team.

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