Aptaria is pleased to announce the Consortium for Energy Efficiency as a client.

February 01, 2021 | Andrew Lawlor

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) is the US and Canadian consortium of gas and electric efficiency program administrators. They work together to accelerate the development and availability of energy efficient products and services for lasting public benefit. CEE partners closely with the US Department of Energy to help industry implement the ubiquitous Energy Star program.

For the last number of years CEE has used CiviCRM on the Drupal open source platform as their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Association Management System (AMS), and member/constituent Web portal. This solution suffers from a number of limitations that limit the Consortium’s ability to react to a changing market conditions in the rapidly changing energy sector. A new solution is needed.

Aptaria is replacing the Consortium’s legacy AMS, CRM and Web portal systems with a new comprehensive solution built on the Salesforce platform. The system will track member and constituent information, automate generation of membership dues invoices, greatly expand the Consortium’s email and Web outreach (through use of Salesforce Pardot marketing automation), and provide a comprehensive member and partner portal through which constituents can collaborate on initiatives, committees and sponsored projects critical to the organizations mission.

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