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Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) Services

Let Aptaria help you take advantage of the top cloud BI product, GoodData.

Just as the cloud and SaaS have revolutionized the way companies manage customers, they are transforming the way companies manage business data. GoodData allows organizations to:

The human brain can process and understand visual information faster than it can analyze spreadsheets with hundreds of columns and rows. Data visualization helps you:

  • See data for sales, marketing, finance, HR, or operations on one page
  • Easily collaborate and share real-time reports
  • Dive into data and identify actionable trends with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Slice and dice data and perform trending reports and what-if analysis
  • Bypass IT and hardware costs

Already using Then GoodData makes even more sense for your business. It integrates seamlessly as a tab within Salesforce. And GoodData's robust reporting engine picks up where Salesforce's operations-focused engine leaves off, enabling true business intelligence.

Aptaria has helped major companies like Dannon's Nutricia unlock the power of GoodData. We can help you too by:

  • Designing data models that are tailored to your business
  • Migrating data from your ERP and Salesforce platforms
  • Building custom reports and dashboards


"With Aptaria's help, we built a one-of-a-kind system to provide to our clients the highest level of service in support of their government real estate activities."
Keith Lavey, EVP, Colliers Government Solutions Team
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