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RapidCase for the Service Cloud

When customers call your support line, they want an answer to a question. Why make them wait minute after minute while your service reps struggle to find them or create their case in

Aptaria RapidCase empowers your reps to handle both first-time and existing customers much faster, cutting support costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Faster Calls for New Customers

With RapidCase’s streamlined record creation process, reps can create an account, contact, and case with a single click, all on the same screen. This is lightning fast compared to the current process of creating each of these records separately, which forces frustrated callers to wait through many clicks and page loads.

Faster Calls for Existing Customers

With RapidCase’s custom search feature, reps can select the fields most relevant to your organization, allowing them to find existing customers faster and avoid creating duplicate records. Once the customer is found, RapidCase’s console enables reps to see all critical customer information on one page, including existing cases. If a new case is required, the rep can create it directly within the console.

The Results

  • More calls handled per hour by your support team
  • Fewer duplicate records for your IT department to eliminate
  • Less frustration and higher satisfaction for your customers


  • Answer caller questions faster
  • Handle more calls per hour
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Reduce support and IT costs
  • Boost customer retention

Aptaria RapidCase Datasheet

Download the Aptaria Rapidcase
(PDF) for easy reference.