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Augment Your Association’s Meetings & Events With Aptaria’s Event Management Solution

Associations face a multitude of priorities and challenges when it comes to organizing events and meetings. At Aptaria, we understand the importance of creating end-to-end valuable and seamless experiences for your attendees. That’s why we offer comprehensive event management solutions, powered by Salesforce, that address key challenges and overall goals.

Event Planning Challenges for Associations

Associations often struggle with the proliferation of events and event types, including conferences, seminars, webinars, trade shows, and more. Aptaria’s solution provides a centralized platform to manage various event types efficiently, reducing planning complexities and facilitating exceptional event management.

The lack of a centralized database of members and potential attendees often leads to poor event registration and attendance rates. Aptaria leverages the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and partner solutions to create a unified Member360  database that can dramatically improve event registration and attendance through effective segmentation and targeting.

The Member360 system captures all touchpoints with association members, tracking all important data including, emails sent, received, and opened, event page visits, registrations, session attendance, attendee satisfaction, and downloaded resources. All of this valuable information that can provide deep insights and elevate member experiences is accessible via reports, dashboards, and alerts.

Poor tracking of event attendance by members results in incomplete data and hinders recruitment efforts for future events. Our event management solution ensures comprehensive tracking of member interactions and event attendance, providing valuable insights for better recruitment and engagement strategies.

Aptaria’s Association Event Management Solution Enables:

Easily and effectively organize both in-person and virtual events, keeping members engaged regardless of the format and location. We develop tailored, dynamic AMS platforms that cater to both in-person and virtual meetings or events, ensuring that your association can effortlessly adapt to the needs of your members.

Raising revenue outside of membership dues is essential for associations’ sustainability and growth. Our event management system can provide capabilities for diversifying revenue, offering sponsorship opportunities and more to boost your organization’s bottom line and support your mission.

A prime benefit of joining an association and attending events or meetings is access to valuable networking opportunities. Aptaria facilitates meaningful connections for your members through our AMS solutions, bringing like-minded individuals together and fostering engagement within your association community.

An often difficult yet critical task with event planning is recruiting volunteers. Our AMS solutions will enable more effective, time-saving volunteer recruitment, ensuring that your association events are adequately staffed and that your program and services can go off without a hitch.

Handling event logistics and planning event schedules can be complex and time-consuming. Our association event management system features tools that will streamline logistics and simplify scheduling, ensuring that your events run smoothly and efficiently.

Effective and transparent budgeting is crucial for the success of association events and meetings. Our AMS solution includes tools to help you plan and manage event finances, ensuring full accountability and helping your association stay in the green.

Enhance Every Association Meeting or Event With Aptaria’s AMS

Aptaria combines the power of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud with strategic partner solutions to deliver unique and unified event management solutions that empower associations to meet their goals.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that your association can seamlessly manage all aspects of event planning, improve member engagement, and drive revenue growth.

Transform your association’s events with Aptaria’s Salesforce-powered, AMS capabilities.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can design the perfect event management solution for you.

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