Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Manager

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Harness the powerful combination of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement(formerly Pardot) and Salesforce.

Generate more leads with detailed data insights and targeted campaigns.

Want to cultivate thousands of potential customers and automatically respond to their interest level? Ever wish you knew more about leads during the early stages of the sales cycle? We can customize the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to meet your goals.

Our team will work with you to design automated marketing journeys that trigger tailored responses to user behavior. Automatic scoring will tell your staff how to proceed with each lead. By integrating the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement with Sales Cloud, we can build a single system that tracks and influences the whole process, from leads to prospects to customers.

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Wheather you’re a large public company or a mid-size nonprofit,  Aptaria can help you:

  • Give call center reps a 360 degree view of customers
  • Enable real-time agent collaboration through Slack
  • Monitor and join conversations about your company on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter)
  • Reduce calls and costs through customer self-service and a knowledge base
  • Utilize 1-click record creation with Aptaria’s Service Cloud app, RapidCase

Take advantage of Aptaria’s extensive experience working with Fortune 500 clients on Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects.

Aptaria can help you set up Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to:

Capture each lead’s web and email interactions. This platform uses IP addresses to record individuals’ site visits, email opens, whitepaper downloads, and more.

Automatically score and grade leads. Know which leads to contact and when. Receive alerts as visitors pass a certain interest threshold, so your sales staff can act fast. We can customize the scoring and grading criteria to reflect your goals and metrics.

More Information

  • Score is based on a user’s interest in you. Have they spent time on your site, clicked links in emails, and/or attended your events?
  • Grade indicates how qualified and desirable a lead is. Are they a good fit for the services you provide? Do they have enough of a budget?

Launch lead nurture/drip campaigns. As Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement monitors user interactions, it can automatically send the right communications at the right time, according to the conditions you set.

Improve your marketing emails and their impact. Replace generic email platforms like Mailchimp. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement syncs with your database, allowing for more precisely targeted lists, and it gathers more data.

Create forms to collect data on leads and prospects. The platform’s drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to build landing pages and contact forms.

Get more value out of tools like Google AdWords and social media. We can integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to collect more data and tailor messaging from the platforms you already use.

Improve reporting and assess your marketing ROI more accurately. Find out which pages, campaigns, and channels produce the best leads so that you can analyze your return on your marketing budget.

Oversee marketing and sales from a single system and screen. We develop tailored end-to-end marketing and sales processes that let you manage and follow the entire relationship cycle from one place.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Pardot Email Campaigns Marketing and Lead Tracking Help Hair Cuttery Grow

The Hair Cuttery wanted to recruit stylists and collect more data through email campaigns. We implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), and now The Hair Cuttery can depend on a steady pipeline of qualified stylists and expand into more locations.

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Other Organizations We’ve Helpedwith Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement:

Why choose Aptariafor Marketing Cloud implementations?

Deep experience customizing the platform: We’ve enabled many customers, in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, to convert more leads and increase their revenue with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

Seamless Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud integration: With 500 Salesforce projects to our credit and a team of certified Salesforce professionals, we know the platform inside and out. We will connect the Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud so that the systems work together to feed your sales funnel and close more deals.

High customer satisfaction. Our clients not only appreciate the results of our implementations but also the smooth process of collaborating with our team. For example, Grant Habbershon, general manager for The Hair Cuttery, commented that “Aptaria stayed on the timeline I needed to follow, and I really enjoyed my working relationship with them.”

Agile process and flexible pricing. Our nimble, iterative approach carefully budgets time to address your feedback while staying on schedule. A pay-as-you-go model allows us to guarantee our continued value to you.

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