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Founded in 2002 and later becoming a trusted Salesforce Partner in 2009, Aptaria creates tailored Salesforce CRM and cloud computing solutions for organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 clients.

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner for the past 14 years, we’ve applied our deep Salesforce knowledge to deliver cloud-based solutions for associations, nonprofits, finance, healthcare, and more.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for references. We have a wide base of current and past customers, spanning many industries, including associations and nonprofits, who can tell you directly about how we’ve made them successful on the Salesforce platform.

To offer just a few case studies, we’ve helped the APA increase operational efficiency and improve member services, produced viable solutions for volunteer recruitment for the nonprofit organization, Concerned Veterans of America, and delivered a completely customized platform for the Society of Wine Educators that enables better, more effective association management and efficient revenue streams.

Aptaria’s Salesforce Consulting Solutions for Associations and Nonprofits

Many associations and member-based organizations rely on Aptaria’s Association Management System (AMS) solutions to grow their membership and maintain deep relationships with their membership base. We implement tailored Salesforce solutions to streamline association and nonprofit organizations’ day-to-day operations, improve lifetime value (LTV) for members, and increase overall growth and outreach, without vendor lock-in found with other AMS solutions.


Our team has collaborated on over 500 Salesforce projects. We draw on experience related to all facets of Salesforce, from designing a solution for your association or nonprofit to tailoring a CRM solution for your company to building apps that pass AppExchange’s strict security requirements.

Collaborative Service

As a client, you’ll work directly with certified Salesforce consultants and developers who understand your specific needs. According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, Aptaria has a customer satisfaction rate of more than 95%.

Reliable Workflow

We combine the flexibility of a boutique consultancy with the resources of a larger firm. Our Agile software development approach allows us to incorporate your feedback throughout the process while ensuring that we stay on budget and deliver within deadlines.

Low Upfront

Our pay-as-you-go model lets you get the most out of Salesforce without spending a large amount of capital to start with. We want to guarantee our continued value to you.

Serving the Entire Nation
From Washington D.C.

Aptaria takes on clients from around the world, but we offer special advantages to customers in the DC area. We can make on-site visits to meet with you and gain insight into your project.

What to Expect

At Aptaria, we tailor our Salesforce consulting and development process to build a system that’s tailored to meet your needs. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

Step 1:
Getting to Know Your Business or Organization

We’ll conduct a comprehensive business process review (BPR) and work with you to construct goals for your Salesforce implementation.

Step 2:
Salesforce Integration and Configuration

Next, we’ll integrate Salesforce into your organization’s processes through an Agile Software development methodology to meet the established goals and give you regular progress updates throughout our engagement.

Step 3:
Approval & Training

After configuring Salesforce, our team will go through a testing and training process to ensure that the Salesforce system meets your needs and your staff know how to effectively leverage the solution to achieve your organization’s mission.

Step 4:
After Launch: Support and Expansion

After your system goes live, our Salesforce consulting team will be available for continued training as well as assistance with future updates or expansion to other Salesforce Cloud products.

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