Salesforce Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Cloud Consultant Job

As a Cloud Consultant for Aptaria, you’ll have the opportunity not only to help us grow, but also to make a measurable impact on our clients’ missions and bottom lines. We need a consultant who has a combination of hard and soft skills—great at talking to clients and then translating their requirements into profitable solutions on the Salesforce platform.

We’re looking for someone who can get the job done so well that clients who start with a limited Sales Cloud project will come back to us for a series of projects. Your results will motivate clients to ask for other customizations, including Marketing and Service Cloud implementations, integrations with existing applications, community portals, and mobile apps.

You have:

A knack for understanding organizations’ needs and coming up with solutions customized to meet those needs. You excel at business analysis and strategy.

The ability to maintain smooth, mutually beneficial client relations. Our consultants “own” their clients’ projects; it’s up to you to keep stakeholders happy and to incorporate their feedback throughout our iterative process.

2+ years Salesforce experience and relevant certifications like Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Consultant, and Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Delegation smarts. You’ll map out and start developing the project then collaborate with our developers and architects to build the complete solution.

Diverse Salesforce superpowers. You can tailor features to streamline clients’ common tasks and apply the right tools to a project. You should be comfortable with all of the following:

  • Partner/Customer Community portal implementation
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Data modeling using standard and custom objects
  • Process-Builder, workflow, approval processes, flow, validation rules, and formulas
  • Security Model, Custom report types, dashboards, page layouts, and record types
  • Service Cloud, console, queues, and routing rules

What you will be doing?

Meet with clients to discuss their goals and pain points. You’ll conduct on-site reviews with senior executives and stakeholders, gaining insight into how their company or organization works.
Oversee requirements, discovery, and analysis. Your business process review will reveal use cases and lead to a comprehensive user story development.
Plan out all major aspects of Salesforce solutions to provide maximum value to clients and, depending on the project, actually build sections of the solution yourself.
Coordinate with Aptaria’s developers and architects to implement your plan.
Check in with clients throughout the process. We embrace Agile software development with frequent sprints and course correction to address feedback received with each build and iteration.
Deliver the solution, test it with users, and supervise any final tweaks.

What could you achieve as a Cloud Consultant?

Let’s imagine it’s next year. You’ve worked with us for a year. Here’s some of what you could accomplish:

Expand average client revenue for your projects by 150%

Impress 2 of your 3 clients so much that they decide to take on additional projects with Aptaria.

Present your best case study at Dreamforce.

Oversee our first Marketing Cloud implementation for a Fortune 500 company

Rise from your consultant position to become a practice lead who coaches and manages other consultants.

Why join Aptaria?

We are advancing the state of the art in industries ranging from real estate to healthcare to software and technology. Your workload will give you experience in a variety of sectors and always stay interesting. Read some of our case studies for a taste of what you’d be working on.
You’ll supervise all parts of projects that can make a big difference for your assigned clients and enjoy a great deal of autonomy.
You can work from home within the DC area, avoiding daily commute traffic and creating your own space to focus.
Our company works with cutting-edge technology and has helped to define cloud computing in the DC metro area.
Our past clients include high-profile organizations, such as Citibank, ExxonMobil, Red Cross, and CBS, as well as tech startups, nonprofits, and more.

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