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Seamless Integration, Expert Help Fuels WealthEngine

Needing a best-of-breed tool for clients, WealthEngine went with Aptaria

WealthEngine Case Study
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Aptaria improved our App design to make it more customer friendly, and helped us get through the SalesForce security review, which had been daunting for us.
Vick Khera
API Architect, WealthEngine

Problem: Growth Exposed the Limitations of an App Designed In-House

As any company would be, WealthEngine was thrilled by its rapid growth in 2012. But that growth brought a problem to the surface -- the Salesforce app it had built for its clients was not good enough.

"We built our app as a sort of proof of concept, and considered it a beta version," says Mishka McCowan, WealthEngine's vice president of technology. "But as customers started to use it and we began to grow quickly, it became clear that we needed something better."

WealthEngine is a wealth services research firm for nonprofit organizations, financial services companies and luxury retailers. It knew that its ideal app would make it easy for such clients to sort through voluminous data on prospects who might make large donations or buy luxury goods. The app also needed to integrate tightly with WealthEngine's proprietary data. And the partner who developed the app would help WealthEngine meet all Salesforce quality standards and procedures.

Action: Taking Advantage of Aptaria's Expertise

After considering a number of firms, WealthEngine hired Aptaria to develop its new app. With clients demanding more features and a better user experience, Aptaria's work paid off quickly.

"Aptaria corrected our bad code, made the app more functional and useful and helped us get to the next release of our portal," McCowan says. "They also improved the design to make it more customer friendly, and helped us get through the SalesForce security review, which had been daunting for us."

Result: A Tool to Attract Valuable Clients

With Aptaria's app, WealthEngine clients can make better use of their data. And the solution allows them to allocate time and resources better than before.

Meantime, WealthEngine now has a tool it is eager to offer to its clients. And the clients who use the app have become some of WealthEngine's most valuable.

"The app has created a closer relationship between us and the customers who use it," McCowan says. "They are 'stickier' customers … a little more sophisticated and a little bit larger than our other clients. Overall, they are more valuable clients."

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"It was Aptaria’s knowledge of Salesforce, the sales process, and the Salesforce development architecture that was the most useful to us."
Jeff Fissel, VP Solutions & Co-Founder, KZO Innovations
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