Cliff Spitz Joins Aptaria’s Board to Strengthen Nonprofit Commitment

August 15, 2023 | Andrew Lawlor

We are excited to announce a significant addition to Aptaria’s Board of Advisors: Cliff Spitz. With eight (8) years of experience as a Salesforce executive, focusing on selling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to non-profit organizations, Cliff’s expertise aligns perfectly with Aptaria’s specialization in solutions for Associations and non-profit organizations built on the Salesforce platform.

Cliff’s unique qualifications will enhance our ability to deliver innovative and tailored Salesforce solutions, meeting the specific needs of our clients in the non-profit sector.

In his own words, Cliff expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Joining Aptaria’s team of experts is a thrilling opportunity for me. Their dedication to creating targeted solutions for Associations and non-profits resonates with my career focus. I look forward to contributing my Salesforce expertise to enhance Aptaria’s offerings in this vital market.”

Andrew Lawlor, Aptaria’s CEO, also reflected on this strategic addition, stating, “We couldn’t be happier to have Cliff on board. His extensive experience with Salesforce and specific understanding of the non-profit landscape makes him an invaluable asset. I’m eagerly looking forward to working with Cliff to expand and deepen Aptaria’s non-profit business, ensuring that we continue to lead in providing cutting-edge Salesforce solutions.”

This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in Aptaria’s ongoing commitment to providing industry-leading Salesforce solutions to Associations and non-profit organizations. Cliff’s joining us reinforces our vision, strength, and dedication to serving this unique sector with innovation and excellence.

Please join us in welcoming Cliff Spitz. His passion and expertise promise to fuel Aptaria’s continued growth and success in serving Associations and non-profit organizations with unparalleled Salesforce solutions.

Welcome Cliff!

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