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As a Salesforce PDO, Aptaria built an app for that lets Salesforce users identify strong leads and fill data gaps.’s software enables companies to find prospects and look up customers within a triple-verified database of 14 million businesses and 240 million consumers.

Bob Smith, President and COO of, recognized Salesforce users as a vast potential market for his product. “For every single lead, contact, business, or consumer inside of someone’s Salesforce environment, we have additional information that could help them with selling, marketing, or maintaining customers,” says Smith.

However, businesses that rely on Salesforce often balk at the thought of purchasing another cloud-based system like As Smith notes, “When companies are looking to learn more about their customers or prospects, they don’t want an additional tool. They want to use the tools they have at their disposal.”’s clients on the Salesforce platform had difficulty importing the quality leads they discovered. “They would acquire the data from us and then have to build integrations with their environment to use the data in any way,” Smith explains.

To win over more customers and keep existing users happy, Smith knew that needed to make its product compatible with Salesforce. “We wanted to give the same valuable resources and data to people who use Salesforce, without the obstacle of using a separate tool outside of Salesforce.”

Smith looked for a Salesforce ISV Partner that could recreate’s software as a Salesforce app and get it listed on the AppExchange. After meeting with several certified Salesforce developers, Smith chose Aptaria because our team immediately grasped what he needed.

“Other companies wanted us to pay for ‘discovery,’ a very large cost just for them to understand what we wanted,” Smith recalls. “Andrew [Lawlor, founder and CEO of Aptaria] already understood it and had no issue with just getting underway. Andrew had the same vision we did and knew the direction that we needed to go right from day one.”

At Aptaria, we built an app that lets customers:

  • Access’s database from within Salesforce.
  • Sort millions of records to find prospects that match a certain profile.
  • Save leads, contacts, and all their data into the user’s Salesforce system.

Smith summarizes that “Aptaria allowed us to connect our database to Salesforce so we could seamlessly provide highly accurate information about any business or consumer in the Salesforce environment.”

Our team recreated the features that make’s original prospecting software so powerful and easy to use. “Aptaria rebuilt our filters inside of Salesforce, so that if someone doesn’t have data to start with, they can go through and identify a good foundation to build their business,” Smith notes.v

Within the app, customers can filter millions of businesses and consumers by:

  • Location
  • Company size, founding date, and industry
  • Personal information, such as age and income

We integrated the app with Google Maps for more convenient and precise sorting by area. In addition to running searches by state, city, or zip code, app users can draw shapes onto a map and see results for those custom regions.

Smith appreciates how Aptaria’s expertise and development approach kept the project on track with’s goals: “Andrew and his team were very agile in adapting to what we needed as we changed our requirements or moved scope. We were exploring territory that we weren’t familiar with, and Aptaria was flexible with us, so that we could build the product we needed as we figured it out.”

Applying our years of experience developing Salesforce apps, we guided through the AppExchange’s challenging security review process. Our team constructed the app to anticipate Salesforce’s exacting standards as much as possible, then updated the app according to feedback from Salesforce.

“Aptaria helped us respond to everything Salesforce threw at us,” remembers Smith. “Salesforce doesn’t publicize what the security review is or make it easy to pass. Aptaria eased the burden of dealing with that and responding to issues.”

With the integration that Aptaria built, our data can provide customers with real-time additional information about any contact they have. It’s a success and we’re growing every day.”

Bob Smith
President & COO,

In late 2017, the Sales Leads app launched at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference. “We had a very good turnout at our booth,” Smith recalls.

Now listed on the AppExchange, the product enables users on Salesforce to:

  • Find leads that match their specific desired profile.
  • Fill in missing information about leads and contacts in their database.
  • Win over more customers, increase profits, and hit their sales targets. users on the Salesforce platform have eagerly adopted the app. According to Smith, “We have a lot of people using the product who were previous customers and requested this functionality.” The new app is improving satisfaction among this key group of existing clients.

Even better, the Sales Leads app opens up a wider market for The product offers a simple way for any company to strengthen its Salesforce database and eliminate information gaps for sales, service, and marketing.

“With the integration that Aptaria built, our data can provide customers with real-time additional information about any contact they have,” Smith notes. “It’s a success and we’re growing every day.”

As more Salesforce customers adopt the product, is gathering data and exploring how to take the app to the next level. And the company wants Aptaria to be part of the next evolution. “I’m hoping we can potentially do a version 2 with Aptaria once we get more requirements as to how we can improve our product,” Smith explains.

I’m thankful that Aptaria was able to partner with us. They’re a great company to work with,” says Smith. “They’ll meet your needs and do what needs to be done to help you succeed.”

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