Salesforce CRM Implementation at Citibank

Aptaria helped the Citibank Wealth Management unit replace a fragmented CRM system with a unified solution that offered an easy-to-access 360 degree view of the customer. This was the largest-ever Salesforce implementation to date.

One of 3 divisions in Citi’s consumer banking sector, Citibank Wealth Management has hundreds of advisors helping clients manage their investments and personal wealth. Along with much of the financial services industry, this unit has had a tumultuous recent past, including a number of acquisitions and mergers. This resulted in complex web of 4 disconnected customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, leading to some critical challenges:

  • These on-premise solutions were expensive to operate, both in terms of infrastructure dollars and IT staff salaries.
  • Each CRM system gave wealth management advisors only a partial view of their clients’ financial information and interactions with Citi.
  • To access all data needed for a client call, advisors often logged into multiple CRM tools, wasting valuable time and frustrating customers.
  • Some sensitive wealth data lacked adequate security while other data was overprotected, preventing access from appropriate team members.
  • Advisors could not access CRM information on mobile devices, further hampering their performance and client satisfaction.

Aptaria developed and implemented a custom Salesforce CRM solution for Citibank Wealth Management that integrated and replaced its fragmented system of on-premise software. The new CRM provided:

  • central ‘dashboard’ of key client data – including all contact with Citibank and relevant financial information – that advisors could access easily in one place.
  • comprehensive yet granular security solution within Salesforce that ensured sensitive client financial data was accessible only to those entitled to it.
  • A mobile CRM solution that gave advisors secure access to client data on Blackberries.
  • A hybrid or “mashup” solution that allowed Citibank to maintain sensitive account balance data on-premise while preserving a cloud-like experience for customers.

By implementing a tailored CRM, Aptaria helped Citi greatly increase its wealth management advisors’ productivity and the customer experience. Specific benefits to the company include:

  • Hours and hours saved per week per advisor
  • Increased advisor focus on client investments and growth
  • Robust security for sensitive client financial data
  • Greater client satisfaction

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