WealthEngine Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce App

As a Salesforce Product Development Organization (PDO) partner, Aptaria built a new integration for WealthEngine’s AppExchange app, enabling clients to save and analyze data more easily.

WealthEngine provides detailed prospect research to nonprofits, financial managers, and luxury brands. Clients access large amounts of data through a secure platform. Back in 2012, Aptaria integrated that platform with Salesforce to create an AppExchange app.

Since then, customer input has motivated WealthEngine to strengthen the platform and expand its capabilities. “Our app has been out there for years. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback,” says Product Manager Casey Tantum.

In particular, many customers wanted to collect information on multiple records at once. The original platform only allowed users to conduct research on one prospect at a time. “If clients were working on campaigns with a large group of people in the CRM, they would have to do more manual steps,” Tantum recalls.

WealthEngine’s managers knew that updates to their platform would also require changes to the Salesforce app. As Chief Technology Officer Leo Scott explains, “Our goal was to significantly upgrade for 2-way communication between our platform and Salesforce and enable a wide variety of new features.”

Scott and Tantum sought out a certified Salesforce developer. “We’d talked with several Salesforce integrators that we could partner with,” Scott remembers. “Aptaria came with a really tangible approach to the problem we had. That approach combined with value-based pricing encouraged us to work with them.

At Aptaria, our team integrated Salesforce to realize WealthEngine’s vision. Our developers created a new app version that allows more fluid and efficient data sharing for customers in 2 directions:

  • Salesforce to WealthEngine: Take groups of prospect records from the client’s CRM and send them into WealthEngine’s platform for research.
  • WealthEngine to Salesforce: Append and analyze data in the app, then send the data back into the customer’s CRM system.

In addition, our team cleaned up the app to provide a more elegant experience. As Tantum explains, “We previously had 3 versions of our integration with Salesforce, so part of the project was also consolidating that down to have all the features and all the varieties in one app.”

WealthEngine’s goals involved some unusual and complex requirements—and our certified Salesforce consultants and developers rose to the challenge. Tantum remembers, “They never said ‘we just can’t do that.’ It was great to have someone who was willing to put in the work to find new and interesting ways of doing things.

Throughout the project, WealthEngine appreciated how our team accommodated their organizational tools, like JIRA, and their day-to-day workflow.

As Scott notes, “We’ve worked with other Salesforce integrators, and they often have a process that they want to follow even if it’s not perfectly matched with our process. But Aptaria was good at being flexible and working within the processes that we have.

We’d definitely recommend Aptaria as an integrator that you can get good value from working with. Their flexibility and straightforward approach to a solution is powerful.

Leo Scott

In early 2018, WealthEngine’s released its updated app. The new version removes a common customer frustration and replaces it with a delightfully simple information-getting process.

As Tantum summarizes, “We wanted to be able to say, ‘Just click a button and get a list of wealth data on all these individuals without even leaving Salesforce.’ And now they can do that for up to 100,000 records at a time.”

Tantum reports that customers are enthusiastic about the improved product and how it lets them sort large amounts of prospect data. “It’s going to save our clients a ton of time and make them not have to go to their IT teams.”

Our integration offers a seamless transition to the new app for longtime users. “Everything that they’re used to works exactly the same way,” observes Tantum. “We didn’t want to create a dramatically changed experience for 300 clients. We made sure that the base of what was in the app stayed, and then added new features.”

The Salesforce update “significantly enhances the power of the integration,” says Scott. “We went from enabling one-off research on individuals in Salesforce to a situation where you can seamlessly segment leads for a whole campaign in an automated way.”

The new version of WealthEngine’s app has also garnered praise from Salesforce. “We’ve been getting positive feedback on every demo,” says Tantum. “Everybody’s excited about how strongly integrated it is. Even though clients are jumping over to WealthEngine at some point, they can always click back into Salesforce to push and pull data pretty easily.”

After working with Aptaria for the second time, WealthEngine again gives our team rave reviews. As Scott says, “We’d definitely recommend Aptaria as an integrator that you can get good value from working with. Their flexibility and straightforward approach to a solution is powerful.”

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