The Power to Improve Patient Outcomes With a Holistic Healthcare CRM

Transform Patient Care With Life Sciences and Healthcare Solutions From Aptaria

At Aptaria, we understand the pivotal role of trust in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. Our solutions are designed to help healthcare and life science service providers establish and nurture trusted relationships that improve patient care and experiences.

With Aptaria’s consulting expertise and Salesforce CRM, dynamic and collaborative healthcare solutions are created that streamline workflows, generate greater efficiency, and improve accuracy – with the hallmark benefit being better healthcare outcomes.

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Salesforce Healthcare CRM: Revolutionizing Processes and Mindsets

Discover how integrated systems can elevate processes and shift mindsets in the healthcare and life sciences industry. The Salesforce CRM platform offers multiple, invaluable benefits for large service providers that improve operations and increase positive impact both for their healthcare clients and the patients they care for:

Seamless Collaboration and Experiences:

Embrace a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare and life sciences with the power of Salesforce and Aptaria’s healthcare solutions.

A Singular Connected Platform:

Utilize a connected, mobilized healthcare CRM platform to deliver exceptional, enterprise-changing solutions from anywhere.

Empowering Change:

With the Salesforce CRM in your arsenal, witness the power of efficient collaboration to drive positive change for your healthcare partners and clients.

Trailblazers in Healthcare Solutions

When you join the Salesforce community of healthcare trailblazers, you’ll join the ranks of industry leaders who are pioneering positive change and inspiring transformative care practices that improve patient experiences and health outcomes.

We’ve seen it for ourselves. Here are just some of the renowned clients Aptaria’s had the privilege to work with in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry:

  • Precision for Medicine
  • Insight Strategy Advisors
  • Agility Clinical
  • Precision Health Economics
  • Nutricia (part of Danone)
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • American Red Cross

The Building Blocks of Aptaria’s Healthcare Solutions

Aptaria’s solutions combine the power of Salesforce’s healthcare CRM along with data, AI, and trust to take healthcare and life sciences services to the next level. We’re committed to evolving processes, shifting mindsets, and improving experiences to support healthier outcomes.

Utilize Salesforce CRM, the leading platform to track all tailored touch points in a single, unified, centralized database. Gain valuable insights from clear and comprehensive data, improving healthcare decision-making.

Bring about deeper engagement and highly personalized care with patients using automated experiences that resonate.

Make every patient interaction count by generating thoughtful, impactful communications and delivering first-class care using AI-driven insights, rich language, and engaging content.

Trust is a crucial element in healthcare solutions and patient experiences. Leverage the leading CRM platform to establish trust, secure data, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Ready to experience the future of life sciences  services and healthcare administration? Aptaria is your trusted partner in this journey.



"It would be difficult to find an implementation partner that would be more flexible or more committed day to day than Aptaria."

Ryan Vanderbilt

Director, Integrated Marketing, American Psychiatric Association

“Aptaria developed our Salesforce solution that replaces our legacy CRM and allows us to foster community among our members and empowers them to collaborate on projects and initiatives together.”

Jack Monte

Director of Finance and Administration, Consortium for Energy Efficiency

"Our partnership with Aptaria has been incredibly rewarding, thanks to their role in enhancing, administrating, and operating our Salesforce CRM. Their Salesforce expertise has helped streamline processes, improve data management, and meet NIAF’s overall goals."

Jerry Jones

Chief Adminstrative Officer, National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

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