Salesforce Case Study: APA’s Service and Marketing Cloud

July 04, 2017 | Andrew Lawlor

We recently published a case study about our work for the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Our team tackled 2 parallel projects for APA, related to the same basic problem. Different departments relied on a patchwork of data management systems—unconnected to APA’s central MemberNation database.

As a result, both the call center and the marketing team found it difficult to access important member data. They needed a Salesforce integration expert.

According to Ryan Vanderbilt, APA’s Director of Integrated Marketing, “We looked around for a potential Salesforce partner, and we found Aptaria to be a good match because of their work with associations.”

To overcome APA’s obstacles, we implemented 2 Salesforce cloud products and connected them with MemberNation.

  • Our team customized Service Cloud to help the call center consistently manage and document requests.
  • We set up Marketing Cloud so that APA can launch campaigns more quickly and give subscribers more control over their preferences.

Shortly after launch, the Marketing team is already seeing the positive results:

“For Vanderbilt and the marketing department, “The real impact—and the power of the integration—is the time it will save our team. It’s a lot faster to get the emails templated, the lists built, the campaigns sent out, and review the metrics, all on one platform….

“The preference center puts the power in the hands of the member to decide the frequency and types of emails they receive,” says Vanderbilt. “It’s one of the best solutions for this problem that I’ve seen in our industry.”

Read the full case study to learn more about both the marketing and service projects for APA.

Are you facing similar Salesforce challenges? Do you need assistance with Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud? We’re here to answer your questions. Contact us.

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