Salesforce CRM Boosts Lead Quality for Salon Brand

September 21, 2016 | Andrew Lawlor

We just published a case study about the Salesforce CRM solution that we built for The Hair Cuttery. This family of popular salon brands needed a more efficient platform for recruiting stylists and managing its many salon locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Before coming to Aptaria, The Hair Cuttery struggled with 2 separate systems for marketing and operations. Each time a lead turned into a customer, The Hair Cuttery staff had to re-enter data for that individual. This process wasted employees’ time and increased the risk of human error.

In only 3 months, Aptaria set up a custom Salesforce system to handle both recruitment and salon management for The Hair Cuttery. Now staff can track leads all the way through the sales cycle. The 2-in-1 implementation saves time and reduces errors.

Our CRM solution also enables The Hair Cuttery employees to make more informed and strategic recruiting choices. The system automatically prioritizes leads based on how likely they are to become long-term customers. “The quality of our leads has improved significantly,” says The Hair Cuttery general manager Timothy H.

Aptaria’s Salesforce integration makes day-to-day operations simpler and more user-friendly. For example, staff can now auto-populate forms and contracts with just 2 clicks—instead of the 10+ clicks needed to fill them out in the old system.

The new set-up allows The Hair Cuttery employees to oversee salon locations through a Salesforce Community. Managers can remotely access and update information about rented spaces at any of the company’s properties. In this sense, Aptaria created a custom commercial real estate CRM system for The Hair Cuttery, as well as a marketing and sales platform.

Read our full case study on The Hair Cuttery.

Does your company face similar challenges? Looking for a certified Salesforce CRM developer to help you achieve your business goals? Contact us to discuss how we can customize Salesforce for you.

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