Why Should You Switch to Salesforce Lightning?

June 26, 2017 | Andrew Lawlor

Lightning is Salesforce’s updated user interface—sleeker, more customizable, and improved by years of customer research.

But, you might be thinking, is it that much better than classic Salesforce? Is it really worth upgrading? We can answer a resounding “yes!” to both questions.

From our new page about Salesforce Lightning, here are 2 major reasons why your company or organization should make the transition to Lightning:

Save time and make your employees more productive.
Lightning simplifies common tasks, like creating contacts, and offers new features, such as activity feeds.

For over a decade, Salesforce’s classic interface remained largely unchanged. Salesforce usability experts designed Lightning for a faster, easier user experience.

Stay compatible with new Salesforce features.
Going forward, Salesforce releases will include Lightning-only capabilities. By switching to Lightning, you can seize on the latest research-based innovations from Salesforce.

As certified Salesforce consultant Jenn Dwyer noted in a previous blog post, the advantages of Lightning are more than hype. “Lightning represents the evolution of Salesforce and showcases the platform’s ability to grow and increase efficiency,” Jenn explains.

Are you curious about the Lightning transition process? Want to learn more about the benefits of Lightning? Read more on our Salesforce Lightning page.

If you have questions—or want to discuss how Salesforce Lightning could benefit you—we’d love to talk. We’re here to help you make the switch to Lightning. Contact us today.

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