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Salesforce Lightning

Lightning, Salesforce’s updated interface, improves the usability of the original with new shortcuts, long-awaited features, and mobile-friendly design.

Salesforce invests heavily in research, always striving to make products better. From now on, you can access the latest upgrades only if you use Lightning.

At Aptaria, we can help you smoothly transition to Lightning.

Why upgrade to Salesforce Lightning?

Stay compatible with new Salesforce features.

Going forward, Salesforce releases will include Lightning-only capabilities. By switching to Lightning, you can seize on the latest research-based innovations from Salesforce.

Save time and make your employees more productive.

Lightning simplifies common tasks, like creating contacts, and offers new features, such as activity feeds.

For over a decade, Salesforce’s classic interface remained largely unchanged. Salesforce usability experts designed Lightning for a faster, easier user experience.

Customize pages and actions more conveniently.

Lightning gives you added freedom and control to reorganize pages. For instance, you can divide your contact records into tabs, instead of scrolling down one long page.

Manage data from anywhere with the mobile-first interface.

Salesforce designed Lightning to work as well on mobile devices as on desktop computers. The sleek, updated interface makes it easy for your staff to capture information on the go.

Make your system smarter with Salesforce Einstein.

Einstein’s artificial intelligence tells you which leads and requests to prioritize. You can close more deals and keep customers happy. Only Lightning users can benefit from Einstein’s machine learning.

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How do you update to Salesforce Lightning?

For even the most basic system, you will need the expertise of a Salesforce-certified partner to manage the Lightning update process. At Aptaria, our team will work with you in 3 phases.

1. Assess

First, we review your existing Salesforce organization.

Our team determines whether we need to retool any custom features or replace any apps to be compatible with Lightning.

2. Update

After presenting our plan, we make the modifications we proposed and move your system to Lightning.

If we identify any barriers in proprietary apps, we coordinate with you and the outside vendor.

3. Train

To keep your staff productive and to minimize the learning curve, one of our Salesforce consultants runs a classroom-style training.

We demonstrate how to perform daily tasks in the new interface. Depending on your needs, we can run a short session or a full-day training.

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Why choose Aptaria for your Lightning update?

  • 10 years of experience as Salesforce partner – After tackling more than 100 Salesforce projects, we know how to customize Salesforce to meet your needs and goals.

  • High customer satisfaction – As one client wrote, "We went to Aptaria with a tough project... and their team exceeded our expectations." Read more glowing reviews on the AppExchange.

  • Knowledge in a variety of industries and sectors – From real-estate giants to local nonprofits, our client success stories show that we can apply Salesforce for many kinds of businesses and organizations.

  • Fast, flexible process – We build, get your feedback, and update in rapid cycles, following the Agile development model. This nimble approach allows us to make progress quickly with results you approved along the way.

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing – For a low upfront investment, our team will start work on your implementation. Our phased payment plan lets us prove our continued value to you.

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"We’d definitely recommend Aptaria as an integrator that you can get good value from working with. Their flexibility and straightforward approach to a solution is powerful."
Leo Scott, CTO, WealthEngine
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