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Salesforce’s Experience Cloud (formerly The Portal and Community Cloud) lets you engage customers, donors, and volunteers through branded portals, then apply insights to grow and manage your user base.

The Experience Cloud connects you to the people you most want to cultivate and empower, from consumers to vendors to stakeholders. Salesforce communities and portals draw on the platform’s powerful analytics engine, so you can monitor performance down to individual interactions.

Even the most basic Experience Cloud implementation is challenging without a certified Salesforce developer. At Aptaria, we harness knowledge and experience from 500 Salesforce projects to create customized communities that advance your business goals and mission. You’ll also own the solution we devise. No licensing fees.

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Aptaria implements 2 main types of Experience Cloud solutions:

  • Customer Community – Allows members to log in and interact with your company or organization. Customer Community can help your users:
    • Troubleshoot with self-service or help desk support.
    • Access your data and resources.
    • Process invoices and payments.
    • Manage automatically-recurring purchases, donations, or subscriptions.
    • Browse upcoming events and register.
  • Partner Community – Enables a company and its value-added resellers (VARs) to coordinate and close deals with buyers. In other words, 2 or more partners can control a potential sale agreement with an outside purchaser as it goes through negotiation.

How can Aptaria optimize Salesforce Experience Cloud for your company?

E-commerce shopping carts

Our team can set up a Customer Community that lets your buyers conveniently save and purchase items

Consistent branding and user experience

Aptaria’s graphic designers can create portals and interfaces that blend seamlessly with the look and feel of your website, maintaining your organization’s identity and credibility.

Security and authentication

Our Salesforce developers will build a safe user registration and verification system. We’ll also specify member ranks and levels of permission, giving different classes of users access to different functionalities.

Customer dashboards and reporting

We’ll configure Salesforce analytics to deliver valuable insights and metrics, such as logins, account creations, and session durations, to ensure that you can effectively manage the community.

User notifications with Slack

This tool allows your customers or vendors to follow a process, such as a help desk ticket or a deal, with real-time updates. Slack fosters beneficial collaboration among relevant users.

Why work with Aptaria on Experience Cloud Implementation?

Deep Salesforce expertise

If you need to integrate Salesforce, choose a firm that specializes in the platform—every day, on every project. A Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2009, Aptaria has developed successful communities and portals for a wide range of target user bases and purposes.

Background in many industries

We’ve completed projects in a variety of sectors, including financial services, software, nonprofit, real estate, and healthcare. Our team brings a strong awareness of best practices to implementations in almost any industry.

95%+ customer satisfaction

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, Aptaria has a customer satisfaction rate of more than 95%.

Low upfront investment

Aptaria’s pay-as-you-go pricing model helps keep projects within budget and ensures that we’ll continue to deliver value to your company or organization.

Agile approach

Our project management style prioritizes your feedback as we develop. Because we address our clients’ concerns throughout the process, we produce Salesforce implementations that meet (and often surpass) their expectations.

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