’s Salesforce App Released on AppExchange

August 10, 2017 | Andrew Lawlor

Last year hired Aptaria as a Salesforce ISV partner. Our team developed an app to give’s customers access to its database from the Salesforce platform.

We’re proud to announce that the Sales Leads app is now listed on the AppExchange. has carefully collected and verified information from 14 million businesses and 240 million consumers.

As the AppExchange listing explains: for Salesforce empowers your sales team to easily discover new highly-targeted Leads and add crucial missing information to your existing Salesforce records to help close more deals and meet your sales goals.

The app allows users to search leads by:

  • Location (state or city)
  • Individual demographics, such as age and income
  • Company-specific parameters, such as size, incorporation date, and Standard Industrial Classification

Google Maps features enable customers to narrow down leads by defining boxes or circles on a map. You can even draw custom shapes.

We also optimized the app for Salesforce Lightning, the sleek, user-friendly new interface. As a Salesforce Lightning app,’s product will stay compatible with future Salesforrce updates.

At Aptaria, we have years of experience building Salesforce apps that software vendors can then market to 100,000+ AppExchange users. We work with clients like to understand their needs and audience, then integrate their product with Salesforce.

We’re intimately familiar with the AppExchange’s tough quality standards. Our developers know how to build apps that pass Salesforce’s strict security review—like’s app did. will have a booth at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference. Stop by and ask about their app, if you’re looking for a way to target more quality leads, and feel free to ask about Aptaria too.

Are you looking for a Salesforce AppExchange developer? We can help turn your product or idea into a Salesforce app. Contact us today.

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