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Upgrade Your App to Salesforce Lightning by February 2017

posted on November 20th, 2016by Andrew Lawlor

What Salesforce Lightning Will Mean for App Developers

Do you have an app listed on Salesforce’s AppExchange? You have until February 2017 to update your app so that it’s compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce has not yet announced the consequences for apps that don’t make the transition to Lightning. However, it’s possible that an app may be delisted from the AppExchange if it is not Lightning-compatible by February.

In other words, Salesforce App Innovation Partners (formerly known as ISV partners) should take Lightning seriously. Make the shift as soon as you can.

Lightning is finally a real option for Salesforce customers. Only with the recent release of Salesforce’s Winter ’17 release is Lightning a viable option for most Salesforce customers. Apps must now be upgraded to ensure they aren’t left behind.

Aptaria can help you navigate the transition to Lightning. Our team of certified Salesforce developers can meet the February deadline for you. We’ll rebuild your app so that it does everything it did before—with the benefit of Lightning’s sleek, updated design. Contact us about your app today.

What exactly is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is Salesforce’s new user interface. It offers a more intuitive experience and lends itself more easily to customization. Salesforce designed Lightning to emphasize the most important and pressing information on a given screen.

Lightning App Builder lets you build apps from drag-and-drop blocks. You can draw on a library of templates and pieces to create apps that follow Salesforce best practices.

As Aptaria Salesforce Consultant Jenn Dwyer wrote, “Lightning represents the evolution of Salesforce and showcases the platform’s ability to grow and increase efficiency.”

Why work with a developer to make the transition to Lightning?

While Lightning simplifies the process of building new apps, you may find it challenging to replicate the app you currently have. If you’re familiar with the Salesforce Classic UI, you’ll have to adapt to different functionality.

As always, working with a certified Salesforce developer gives you added value. He or she will ensure that you’re making the best use of the available options. Tailoring an app to satisfy a specific customer base requires advanced knowledge.

Why work with Aptaria to make your app Lightning-compatible?

  • Lightning fluency: We’ve been exploring Lightning’s capabilities since it launched at last year’s Dreamforce conference. Our developers and consultants can recreate your app and strengthen it with Lightning.
  • AppExchange experience: Our team knows how to build apps that achieve your goals and pass the AppExchange’s strict security review. Read about some of our many App Innovation Partner clients.
  • Broad industry background: We’ve worked on 100+ Salesforce projects for clients in a wide range of sectors and industries.
  • Fast, flexible development: Our Agile approach enables us to iterate quickly while addressing your input. We can develop complex apps in a short amount of time—an advantage given the looming Februrary deadline.

Ready to make your app Lightning-compatible? Contact us today.

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Andrew Lawlor is a leading authority and published author on cloud computing and CRM technology. He specializes in helping companies and government agencies fully integrate Salesforce and other cloud-based applications with enterprise software. Since founding Aptaria in 2002, Andrew has led integration and implementation projects for major clients including Citibank, Danone, Colliers International, American Red Cross, and ExxonMobil. Prior to Aptaria, he held IT management positions at Verizon and webMethods. Andrew holds an Electrical Engineering degree with honors from the University of Maryland at College Park and he studied computer science and electrical engineering at Columbia University's Graduate School. He is a Salesforce.com Certified Developer. Andrew lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife, daughter, and son. When not working he enjoys playing and watching basketball and playing poker.