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Geospatial Data Visualization

Bring Salesforce data to life. Map your data and easily uncover patterns and trends.

Aptaria's custom solutions let you visualize your data, no matter where it lives, with no need for IT assistance.

The human brain can process and understand visual information faster than it can analyze spreadsheets with hundreds of columns and rows. Data visualization helps you:

  • See things that are not obvious in other ways.
  • Uncover patterns and trends quickly and easily.
  • Convey ideas and information in a clear and effective way.
  • Present, explore and interact with your data easily and intuitively.

Aptaria's expertise in geo-spatial data visualization will help your organization:

  • Visualize your data on Google Maps within your Salesforce accounts.
  • Map customers, leads, assets and other custom defined objects.
  • Perform spatial searches to visualize demographics or market segmentation.
  • Optimize driving routes and navigation.

Sample Applications

  • A real estate company can:
    1. Easily search for properties within a particular area and with certain characteristics, and view them all on a map.
      Google Map integration in Salesforce showing property locations
    2. Click on a property on a Google Map and see all clients potentially interested in that property.
      Google Map integration in Salesforce showing clients
    3. Click on a client and see all properties the client owns or is leasing.
      Google Map integration in Salesforce showing properities owned or leased by clients
  • An insurance company or medical provider can graph all head injuries of the same type in a state.
  • A law enforcement agency can graph crimes and offenses on a map to better discern patterns and trends.
  • A nonprofit can instantly visualize its top donors on a map for planning events and visits.

Why Aptaria?

Aptaria helps you get more out of your data by customizing a solution to the specific needs and demands of your organization.

Unlike pre-packaged apps that include all sorts of functionalities -- most of which you'll never use -- Aptaria's custom solutions give you exactly the features and functionality you need.

And unlike packaged apps, such as GeoPoint and G2Maps, that include an implementation fee and a monthly per-user subscription fee, with Aptaria's custom solution you only pay for your custom solution and are free from recurring subscriptions.

Take advantage of Aptaria's extensive experience working with Fortune 500 clients on Salesforce data visualization projects.


"The level of customization is unique. This has really been curated to how we use Salesforce, making minute changes that make a big difference."
Cecilia Kane, Client Services Coordinator, Colliers Government Solutions Team
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